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This really rings a bell for me. I've been a lifelong traveler and as proud as I've been of being a San Francisco native, I was always obsessed with getting away. Now, I've start....ed to embrace that same feeling of homelust (great coinage!). I still love going places, but I also LOVE being right here. As great as travel is, it's also a lot of disruption to any sort of regular rhythm of life.

Here's a piece from my memoir series about San Francisco and the magic of climbing Golden Gate Bridge late one night in the late 80's


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I love the life in BC too. Im off grid in the southeastern Canadian Rockies south of Fernie BC. Life is good. I look forward to seeing and sharing ideas and experiences of nature. Cheers!

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Yup, there is a lot of magic in one’s back yard no matter what size it is. I love your backyard. So much to discover and play with. Sorry about pulling out your wild raspberries. I just got carried away looking at stuff. My backyard is definitely smaller, but I can amuse myself for hours checking it out. My crows keep me busy fetching for them. Bossy characters! Always something to learn about. Forever changing. When I get wandering feet, I’ll come and visit your lands.

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Carver Glen

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This lifestyle has many challenges and is far from boring on a daily basis. I find it most days to be exciting and challenging.

I travel for work, and honestly, I wish I could just stay home. Granted the shit-show of the last 3 years made things worse, but even before that, I was more excited to get back home and discover the forest around my place than seeing another country. I enjoy(ed) traveling and learning new cultures and customs, but my priorities certainly shifted more towards being home and exploring that.

Most of us know so little about the immediate world around us, and for some reason we find it more exciting to go elsewhere to discover things.

People, as they have become more recently influenced by society and economy have become unhappy with everything and feel the need to go everywhere in attempts to satisfy and fulfill the void they have. Sure travel can expand our perspective and if the travellers are truly open minded and open hearted, they can learn a lot from other cultures. But we can equally learn as much from the immediate world around us.

After all that, i will admit that after 3 months of snow and cold weather, with at least another 2 months to go, it is nice to visit a warm place and get a break from all that :D

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When I think of the “magic” that is in my back yard...I think about the sunrises and the sunsets. My favorite memories are going to be of watching the different colors in the skies of Saskatchewan. I have lived in 3 provinces so far and the wide open skies are always changing here. We can see the northern lights, the funnel clouds (sometimes tornadoes), the nighttime lightning storms and when a clipper comes rolling in like a train wreck.

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I really enjoyed this and relate to a lot of it! For me, it feels like a constant battle between wanting to make the most of life with those big adventures, and then just actually enjoying your every day life and having the head space for bigger projects. But I've also just moved to somewhere I actually living for the first time which is a weird feeling??

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Yes, especially the part where they were all out there at once.

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