What is ‘Wild Life with Amy Jay’?

Here I am

Sitting in a 20-foot sea can in the snow on a mountain. Where to start?

I spent a decade living and working in the trades in the oil industry. I loved it. Not only did it launch my life into the insane awesomeness that it is now but it was a great learning experience.

I learned what things take priority in my life. Radical self-reliance. Conscientious consumption. Understanding where the things that I need to live come from. After some time in the suburbs and mapping out all of the edible plants within a square mile of my house, I decided to take this desire to the extreme.

Now I sit on a mountain. My mountain. In southern British Columbia.

No power. No running water. No road in and out - it’s winter and the road is very snowed in. If I want to go to town I’ll need to hop on the snowmobile. The first winter I didn’t leave. For four months. This is now the third year of being on the mountain, and things are feeling more established.

This blog documents my experiences as I establish a homestead from the ground up. Living with a simple solar setup, developing a water source, milling lumber, growing food and more - at a subalpine elevation. Welcome to my Wild Life.

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Amy Jay

⇛ Tradesman turned Homesteader ⇚ Building an off-grid farmstead at a mile high